2004 winners: We only get a few pictures online.

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Last updated: October 24, 2004

We do not list all the day pool, 24-hour pool, weekend pools, etc. Only the following specialty pools are tracked online. Also, big winners of Lucky pools or other pools are pictured on this page. For all other winners, come to our baitshop.

2004 Exacta (carp) winner's list

2004 Lucky 18 (carp) winner's list

2004 Lucky 19 (carp) winner's list

2004 Lucky 25 (carp) winner's list

2004 Lucky 32-33-34 (carp and cat) winner's list

2004 Cat Board Winners

$1,000 Big Fish Leaders, ended 10/24/04

$5,000 Big Fish Winners, ended 8/21/04

$1,000 Big Fish Winners, ended 5/22/04

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