Big Cat stocking June 10, 2010.Hauled by Clear Creek Fisheries from Kentucky Lake.


1,124 pounds Ė a record one day Big Cat Stocking for Indy Lakes!


Ranged from 12 to 45 pounds each, about 1/2 were flatheads.1 @ 45#, 1 @ 42#, 1 @ 39#,7 or 8 in the 30ís, about 10-12 in the 20ís.The rest were 12-20 and went to our back lake.The biggest ones went to our Lake Le-An-Wa Home of the Big Ones (and deep water).The back lake got some upper 20ís and all the teens.

Click here for a condensed 8-minute video clip, shows just about all 1,124 pounds plus the next generation of Hessí from Clear Crrek!Awesome.

Below are snapshots!