On 5/23/09 we stocked nearly 2,200 pounds of Carp

~Ranging from 15# to 29#!!


Even split between our two big lakes (Carp Lake and Lake Le-An-Wa).


News Flash on 5/28/09:  Our hauler (Beaver Lake) and/or Commercial fisherman (Tim Smith at Lake Erie) had problems:  We lost about 25% of this load, we’ve heard the other lake in Indiana (Wagon Wheel) who received these lost even more (delivered after us).  Current thinking is the hand-sorted were held too long in the barge (near 7 days for some) and the hauler carried too many on a hot day using blown air instead of oxygen, though it was cool water.  Both are saying they will make it right with more fish when available:  stay tuned, it was not pleasant but it appears that ¾ of these fine jumbos are gonna make it.


Update 6/4/09:  Losses trailed off quickly around 5/28/09 and we lost about 30% (700 pounds or so).  It was sad and hard work.  Asphyxiation and some held too long on the barges of Lake Erie (as they were hand-sorted over a week’s fishing) is considered the culprit.  Beaver Lake has refunded 20% of our money and has given us the contact of the Lake Erie Commercial Fishermen (names with-held while we make contact) for future fish and/or make-up.  Our gratitude to Rob Knight of Beaver Lake for trying to make it right.  About 1,500 pounds of jumbos were saved and everyone involved has taken a beating for them.  We hope they’ll do fine now at well-aerated Indy Lakes and all the bait you’ll feed them!


See pictures below!