New Carp Stocked on May 1, 2010! 

Massive 16,000 pounds in one day, a 50-year record for one-day stocking at Indy Lakes – and probably just about anywhere!


Here’s some info:

Source:  Rock River in upper Wisconsin, caught fresh for Indy Lakes in a 2-day timeframe, hauled overnight with light oxygen and chilled river water.  Commercial Angler in business over 30 years, David Blair from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


Beautiful Golden Carp!  Yes, a sane run, we got big, medium and small and it takes 3 small to make a jumbo!  Scroll down for pictures and videos.


Status on 5/5/10, 4 days later:  Fantastic!  About 1% loss in the immediate 36 hours and none since!  A 20 and 22 caught the next day on the Sunday Series, Sunday Series  16 and 17’s hitting the big fish board, one 16.9 Carp board hit, and the “little ones” are hungry too…………….The slide was the way to go, easier on the fish and from Rock River to Indy Lakes in 18 hours!

Status on 6/8/10:  Superb. As many of you know, they are tearing them up!  No further loss, a better load – and bigger load – cannot be found at any paylake we know.  Or, much of any stocked lake for that matter!

Status on 8/20/10:  The Carp Load of a lifetime.  Landing 40-50+ in a good day’s (night) visit is the new normal (for the good anglers!  Missing 40-50 for the rookies).  Just check out our Winners and Anglers pictures for 2010.


To our Front Lake;  Lake Le-An-Wa:  About 4,800 pounds (3 tanks) of 10-25 pounders

To our Carp (Back) Lake:  About 11,200 total pounds!:

          4 tanks, about 6,400 pounds of 10-25 pounders

          3 tanks, about 4,800 pounds of 5-10 pounders


Click for videos of each tank of ~1,600 being unloaded by slide (16,000 total!)

Using the slide may bang up a few – but still better than digging them out with a hard net, that bangs them up worse (and 16,000 pounds would take all day!)

Tank 1  =

Tank 2 =

Tank 3 =

Tank 4 =

Tank 5 =

Tank 6 =

Tank 7 =

Tank 8 =

Tank 9 =

Tank 10 =

James checking out a netful, beware, boring!


Total stocked since 1992:  ~101,000 pounds!

Stocked since Lake Le-An-Wa’s founding in ~1957:  who knows but records indicate well north of 300,000 pounds of carp alone!