Some Pictures from the 1940’s – 1970’s.


Indy’s oldest and best paylakes


Zelmer and Lassie Cross moved to a barren area of Indianapolis in 1947 and started digging  lakes and making a living.  They started Lake Le-An-Wa paylakes, campgrounds, gunclub and restaurant officially in 1957 and retired in 1987. 


Today, Indy Lakes, featuring Lake Le-An-Wa, continues the great fishing and camping value with modern paylakes;  Wi-Fi service;  Upscale RV park and the finest fishing lakes and baitshop in the mid-West, all on 16 acres!  And open 24/7 during season with the RV park and fishing open year ‘round (baitshop is closed during winter, please call 317-888-6006).