We stock our Big Fish Show Tank every few days in season (April-October)! Come watch! Most are MONEY FISH! See our live tank right outside our front door.


March 25th to March 26th, Billy D., goes BEAST mode bringing in 3 loads, totaling 4,200 pounds of Monster Blues in 36 hours time frame. Averaging ~10 pounds to a 60 pounder. Majority in the 20 to 30 pound range. Some of our BIG Blue stocking pictures

April 1st, No fooling around, Billy D., goes for the Grand-daddy BUFF, stocking a total of 900#s with the biggest being a 50 pounder.

May 1st, finally the COMMON run. Billy D., stocks 1,800 pounds of Common Carp, averaging 12 pounds to 28 pounds. Several in the mid-20s.



April 18, 1,710 pounds of JUMBO Buffalo Carps stocked, averaging 17 pounds to 34 pounds.

April 17, 2,204 pounds of JUMBO Common Carps stocked, averaging 18 pounds to 33 pounds.

March 28, 1,640 pounds of MONSTER Blue Cats stocked, averaging 12 pounds to 49 pounds.

2014: BOOM! 3 JUMBO LOADS that we got and hand picked ourselves from Lake Erie: 1,400 pounds on March 12, 1,600 pounds on March 14 and 900 pounds on March 15! Yes, close to 4,000 pounds, ALL BIGGER THAN 20 POUNDS, biggest about 38 pounds!

Ka-Blam!! Another 900 pound load of 20 to 32 pounders EACH on April 5th, 2014! Nearing the 5,000 pound mark!


Watch for pictures soon - we have some on Facebook already.

26 minute video of nearly 60 JUMBOS, 1st load march 12, 2014, total 1,400 pounds

First net of firt load is 24.4# (30 second video)

--------------2013 below---------------

June 28: we received a 733 pound load of nearly all Flatheads from the Ohio River! Weight range from 10 to 38#!

Big Fish stocking chart for 2013

Channel Stocking 2013! Stocking Saturdays and Mondays

JUMBO CARP Load 1: Jumbo Carp from Clear Creek on 4/6/13! (147#, 16-20 each

Load 2: Then, 1,490# jumbo 18 to 26 pounds EACH from Lake Erie o 4/10/13,

Special page of load 2 - pictures and short videos from Lake Erie

Load 3: Then, another 111# from Clear Creek on 4/13/13

Load 4: Now, a JUMBO load on 4/16/13 from 18-34 with 4 over 30!! (30, 2-32, 1-34), nearly all in the 20 to 28 range. NICE! 1,600 pounds! (We took all the 20+ and had room for about 300 pounds more, so we took 18-19s.)

Special page of load 4 - pictures from Lake Erie

Load 5: On 4/29/13, we got 19 Jumbo Carp (~500 pounds) from Lake Erie, weighed 20 to 32 pounds EACH! Hand-picked and split back/front although the Carp Lake got 1-30# and 1-32# and the front biggest was a 29#. A busy sunny day with about 30 people watching us! We do have pictures, but season is on! Well get them here later we hope.


2012 and earlier:

Jumbo Carp Stocking April 19, 2012! 15 to 33 pounds each, 6,100# total! From Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin

Channel Stocking 2012, a 3-year record with 11,600 pounds!

Big Cats Arrived July 7th, 2011! 891 pounds of Blues and Flats 10-52# each!

Load of a lifetime, 6,900# of Jumbo Carp 2011 on April 28, 2011!

Channel Stocking 2011 we hit 9,800 pounds on October 21, 2011 (almost 10 grand, not quite)

We received a RECORD ONE DAY AND ONE YEAR stocking on 5/1/10! 16,000 pounds of quality Wisconsin Carp, 5 to 25 pounds, sane run, fresh and feisty! A once-in-a-lifetime stocking and a substantial investment for Indy Lakes thank you for your patronage! We worked on this for several years, let us know if any other lake has done that much in one year, let alone one day!

Massive Carp Stocking: 16,000 pounds in 2010! Big Cats 2010, over 1,100 pounds!

Channel Stocking 2010 New Big Cats 2009 New Jumbo Carp 2009!

Big Cat Stocking for 2008 Jumbo Carp - Monsters! 2008

Big Cat stocking for 2007 Carp stocked 2007 - 3,500 pounds of Jumbos! Big ones!

Big Blue Cats stocked May 31, 2006 - 759 pounds INCLUDING A 91# Hannah-the-WHALE! Also a 60# and 50#, and more!

Carp stocked 2006 - 3,400 pounds of Jumbos!

Carp stocked 2005 - 11,000+ lbs!!

Big Cat (Blues and Flats) stocked 2005 545 pounds of big brutes 18-43#

Carp stocked 2004

Big Cat stocked 2004

Carp stocked 2002

Some blue cats stocked 2001

Carp stocked 2001

Carp stocked 2000

Bass Pictures stocked 4/27/00

Various weird fish

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